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MTN Nigeria Salary Structure: Salary Of MTN Nigeria Workers

MTN Nigeria Salary Structure: Salary Of MTN Nigeria Workers;

On this publication,we want to share with you Mtn salary structure so that you can know how much MTN staff earn on a mothly basis,Knowing fully well that MTN still remains one of the top telecommunication company that has  a good salary structure and staff well fare package.
You will get to know in this article how much the MTN Nigeria pay its staff especially the MTN costumer call center agents.
MTN Nigeria Salary Structure: Salary Of MTN Nigeria Workers

Telecommunication sector still ranks among the topmost paying organizations in Nigeria so if you work with  MTN Nigeria, Globacom Nigeria or Etisalat Nigeria,then consider yourself lucky because you are among those few Nigerians earning well, If by proxy you get a chance to secure get a job with MTN Nigeria keep thriving as you will achieve your desire very soon as long as you take hold of any slight opportunity. It is always nice to have a clear understanding of what your take home salary would be prior to applying for MTN.
let’s take alook at the salary structure of the Entry staff;
This set of persons  working in MTN Nigeria are being paid around N70,000 in a month or N960 000 in a year. The average salary for a costumer care agents may look small compared to the type of working in MTN Nigeria.part from the salary been paid you will agree with me that there is  also  added incentives and benefits like free phone credits, free medicals care

How Much Do MTN Nigeria Pay Its Specialist Staffs?

Specialist staffs working with MTN are paid about N4 to N4.6 million per annum. Getting a Job as an MTN specialist is a tall order but if you manage to beat off the competition, then you are sure to be paid about N390, 000 per month

How Much Does MTN Nigeria Pay Its Managers?
Managers in MTN Nigeria are indeed the big boys with the highest rank in MTN and you will be among the top earners with huge salary . MTN Nigeria Managers are paid nothing less than N9, 300 000 per annum. It amounts to N775 000 per month.

Note:  MTN Nigeria Salary structure is subject to change as  such the figures published here is correct as at the time of this publication

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